Bandcamp for Dave Flagman "Yaway


David Rosenberg has been playing bass guitar and guitar for over 25 years.  As a teenager, David formed hardcore bands,  Flagman and Crud is a Cult.  In the early 90s he played guitar in indie rock band, Ruby Keeler.   "They'll Build A Neighborhood Where Your City Stood"  is still available on limited cassettes.  While living and attending school in NYC he helped form garage punk rock band, Hamsicle .  Hamsicle licensed their material for "350 Days", a documentary that highlights the early years of professional wrestling.  He uses Ableton Live with guitar ('78  Peavey T-60) and bass (Epiphone Jack Cassady Sig Bass) to create riffs and modes that are  layered and woven together into instrumental progressions and songs.   Reach out if you'd like to license songs for your project or have a need for original music for a score or soundtrack.